Man With Sore Throat Dies One Hour After Being Told He Has Cancer

A U.K. man who went to a doctor with a sore throat died one hour after being told he had leukemia, it is reported by the Daily Mail.

Lee Symons of Penryn in Cornwall, England, was prescribed antibiotics for suspected tonsillitis but when they failed to work doctors sent blood from the 39-year-old to a laboratory for testing.

The tests revealed the father-of-one was suffering from cancer. He died one hour later from breathing problems, according to the report.

"He woke up on Monday feeling a little bit groggy," Symons wife Liz Symons told the Daily Mail. "He said that he wanted to go straight to the doctor because he didn't want to be ill. Over the next two days, he got worst. He wasn't in a terrible state but he wanted to go to the doctor's to be on the safe side."

Symons was told at 7 p.m. Wednesday he had leukemia. He died an hour later.

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