Man Tells Wife Off, Rouses Her From Coma

A desperate husband who learned a hospital was about to take his comatose wife off life support managed to awaken her doing the one thing he knew she hated — being "told off," it is reported by the Daily Mail.

Yvonne Sullivan, 28, of the English seaside resort town of Weston-super-Mare in Somerset suffered severe blood poisoning during childbirth July 5. The baby, named Clinton, died after the 14-hour labor and Sullivan fell into a coma moments later, according to the report.

Dom Sullivan, 37, stayed by his wife's bedside for two weeks while she was in intensive care.

But when the hospital told him they planned to pull the plug on his wife, he snapped and gave his wife "a firm telling-off," the report said.

Dom Sullivan told the Daily Mail his wife never liked getting a good chewing out. But the move appeared to work and Yvonne Sullivan started breathing on her own two hours later. Within five days, the hospital was able to shut the ventillator off as Yvonne Sullivan regained consciousness, according to the report.

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