Friday Finals: Weekly Winners and Losers

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It's the Friday Finals big list of winners and losers — as chosen by me and Heather and the rest of the staff.

First up the losers:

Big loser has to be Drew Peterson. His third wife's accidental death has been ruled a murder and his fourth wife is still missing. This is not good for a guy who seemed to have everything going his way for a while.

Princess Diana's butler Paul Burrell is a loser. He was taped admitting he lied to the inquest into Diana's death by refusing to reveal what the queen told him. Now he'll have to tell.

The New York Times is a huge loser. If you're going to go down-market with the "paper of record" and bring down a presidential candidate with a sex scandal, you need some sex.

Michelle Obama is a loser, even though The Times' hit on McCain took Michelle off the front pages. She better study up on what she could be proud of about this country if her husband is going to be president.

Now for this week's big winners:

Barack Obama. He's on track to raise $60 million for February. Hillary must have turned ashen when she heard that. His momentum has mo' voters, mo' excitement and way mo' money.

U.S. Navy is big winner for hitting that satellite in space with a missile. The Russians and the Iranians and the NoKos now have to figure out how to get their missiles past our missiles.

John McCain is a big winner for calling out The New York Times. Casey Stengel once said don't pick fights with people who buy ink by the barrel, so Johnny Mac better be scandal free or they'll get him.

And Cubans everywhere were winners this week as Fidel Castro resigned. His brother Raul is no prize, but hey, one down and one more to go.

Those are your big winners and losers for today's Friday finals, and that is My Word

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