Flea Infestation in Florida Community Making Residents Jumpy

Residents in a Central Florida community cannot walk outside their houses without being covered from head to toe with fleas, Local6.com reports. The insects, as well as rats, from an abandoned Deltona house are feeding on fallen fruit in neighboring yards, wreaking havoc on nearby homes.

"I walked through into the back yard and walked back into my house, and I was covered from head to toe with fleas," local resident Leslie Larson told Local6.com. My husband "went to start up the lawnmower and rats took off from underneath my lawnmower and they went to the yard."

Code enforcement officers say the owner of the abandoned house is not violating any laws by having excessive fleas and rats in the back yard, Local6.com reports. The city of Deltona says neighbors should take steps to protect their own yards, but the situation does not pose any obvious health concerns.

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