Fired McDonald's Employee Robs Restaurant With BB Gun

One Washington, D.C., area McDonald’s employee was not lovin’ it after recently being fired from the fast food restaurant. Lorenzo Herbert, 20, was arrested and charged with armed robbery after he allegedly showed up on Feb. 16 with a gun to the store from which he had been fired earlier that day, reports.

Herbert allegedly put a mask over his face, went behind the counter and forced the manger to the store safe, reports. Herbert showed the manager the gun in his pants, at which point the man gave him the cash from the safe. The manager was then ordered into the walk-in freezer.

Employees called police after Herbert left and he was quickly arrested near the restaurant. The suspect was found with the stolen cash, a black ski mask, some marijuana and a BB gun that looked exactly like a hand gun, reports. Herbert has been charged with armed robbery and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony.

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