Probe Ordered Into Accusations That Princess Diana's Butler Lied in Court

The coroner at the Princess Diana inquest yesterday ordered a top-level inquiry after The Sun revealed her former butler, Paul Burrell, had lied in court.

The £10million hearing took a sensational twist as Lord Justice Scott Baker halted proceedings after seeing our front page.

He told the jury: “The Sun article is certainly being investigated. I have called for the tape and we will proceed from there.”

Click here to read the original article about the Paul Burrell tape in The Sun.

Harrods boss Mohamed Fayed had to be interrupted as he brandished a copy of the paper and demanded butler Burrell be brought back to court.

Mr Fayed said: “The Sun is to be believed. He (Burrell) has been sitting here in the witness box talking baloney.”

Ex-flunky Burrell, who has made millions by cashing in on his royal connection, faces being hauled back before the inquest, and could also face criminal charges of perjury.

One senior High Court source said: “Mr Burrell will be lucky if he isn’t dragged back from America to explain himself.

“His evidence is crucial. Revelations that he may not have told the truth risk derailing this inquiry. Lord Justice Scott Baker will demand answers.”

Burrell, 49, made a series of confessions caught on tape at a New York hotel. He admitted he threw in “red herrings” to confuse the inquest, and held back other details.

He claimed to have “told the truth as far as I could” — but said he was not prepared to obey the coroner and reveal all about a three-hour conversation with the Queen.