Make-Believe Elvis Free on Bail for Made-Up Fire Story

He ain't nothin' but a dog.

When Elvis impersonator Frederick Denmark told pals his house had burned down, they orchestrated a fundraiser — collecting not only clothes and appliances but more than $2,000, according to The Tampa Tribune.

Sadly, as Presley himself crooned, "that was just a lie," and now the Good Samaritans are saying Denmark "ain't no friend" of theirs. The fire — like this Elvis — was a fake.

When the women who tried to help him grew suspicious and did a little digging, they uncovered his ruse. Tampa police charged the 47-year-old with felony organized fraud and felony grand theft last week.

Denmark, of Ft. Lauderdale, said Monday that he needed the money and he made a mistake.

"He said he made a bad decision and wants to pay it back if he can," Tampa Det. Curtis Smith told the Tribune. "He even cried."

Denmark, whose stage name is Fred Alberts, is currently free from jail on $4,000 bail, according to prison records.

But those who held the benefit aren't free of the bad memory of how they were conned.

"A lot of people are very disgusted," one of the fundraising friends, Shelby Ewbank, told the Tribune.

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