College Couple Vanishes After Valentine's Day Dinner

Rhode Island police are searching for a college couple, who vanished after having Valentine's Day dinner together, MyFOXProvidence reported.

Amy Scott, 21, and her boyfriend Daniel Querzoli, 22, borrowed a friend's car "just to run an errand," but haven't been heard from since, the station reported.

"I hope it's just a matter of them wanting to be in solitude and trying to work things out between the two of them," Brian Warren, Daniel's father told MyFOXProvidence. "Maybe they got in an argument, something like that. But the circumstances just don't seem... It doesn't feel right to me."

The couple, who have been dating since last fall, left without taking their wallets, ID or cell phones.

Scott's roommate said the couple had a minor argument the day before, but also said they looked happy after their Valentine's Day dinner.

"She said she just wanted to see him and exchange Valentine's Day gifts with him, but everything was fine," Jackie Kett told MyFOXProvidence.

Both of the students own cars.

Scott is a student at Johnson and Wales University and Querzoli attends Bridgewater State College.

"Sometimes she'll just... go away for the weekend, or whatever, but we definitely, definitely, hear from her regardless... if it's like a text message, or whatever, we know she's okay," Lauren Hackett, a friend of Scott's, told the station.

The 2004 Honda Civic they borrowed had a Johnson and Wales University decal on the back, and was low on gas. The car's New Jersey license plate reads RUF20X.

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