Friday Finals: Weekly Winners and Losers

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And it's Friday Finals — our list of the big winners and losers of the week as chosen by me, Martha and the staff.

First the losers:

Roger Clemens has to be the biggest of the week. I don't know whether he's guilty or innocent, but he sure looked like he was not telling the truth and not willing to answer questions with the truth. In baseball terms — up to bat in Congress, he whiffed.

Bobby Cutts has to be a big loser. Once again, if you're going to go on the stand and lie, you should make it sound at least plausible. Cutts' story was absurdly unbelievable. Equally absurd is the idea that maybe the jury bought it.

Also big loser this week, Hillary Clinton. I am not counting her out yet, but this "Obama fever" keeps getting hotter and hotter and she can't seem to hose it down. It may be impossible, but until she wins — and turns this around — she's a loser.

Now for this week’s big winners:

John McCain tops the list. He's got the Republicans behind him, even if some Conservatives are still sulking and sitting the election out. If Hillary would just steal the nomination from Barack, McCain would have it made in the shade.

The wheelchair guy is a winner. Brian Sterner gets dumped by an angry prison deputy who thinks he's faking it. He's not faking. He actually is a quadriplegic and because of his rough treatment he got a ton of sympathy.

But the big winner of the week has to Uno the beagle. He won the Westminster Dog Show Best in Show and he barked his way around New York the next few days bragging about what a great dog he is. “Uno” — he's number one. The staff loves him!

And that's our big list of winners and losers, our Friday finals. And that is My Word.

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