Bush Impeachment Is Non-Starter

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Berkeley is debating taking back the nasty things it said about the U.S. Marines tonight. Meanwhile, a thousand miles or so to the east, high in the Rocky Mountains — and I do mean high — the city council of Boulder, Colorado is taking up the impeachment of George Bush and Dick Cheney.

The fact is that Boulder cannot impeach Cheney and Bush, no more than the handful of other cities from Vermont to Michigan which have also voted impeachment resolutions.

The fact is, additionally, that the city of Boulder has pressing business. Its infrastructure is falling apart, according to one council member and it has other issues that need to be taken care of.

Nonetheless, the citizens of Boulder want to see something done about impeaching Bush and Cheney and if they have to live with some potholes for a while, well, so be it.

Here's reality: Bush and Cheney are not going to be impeached. In fact, they are not even going to be an issue in this election. They are going to go quietly into the night and ever more quietly the more quiet it is in Baghdad.

But Boulder voters say hang on, we elected Democrats in '06 to impeach Bush and Cheney and they haven't done their job.

Psst! Boulder, here's a secret: Even Democrats know impeachment is a loser.

They were lying to you about impeaching Bush and Cheney. They knew you wanted to hear it, they knew you'd give them your votes if they said it often enough and you fell for it.

Bush is going to go home to Texas and Cheney home to Wyoming without the faintest care that they are going to be impeached.

And, by the way, if that means they can never come to Boulder for the rest of their lives, I don't believe either will lose a minute of sleep.

And that's My Word.

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