Time to Give the Archbishop of Canterbury the Boot?

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As I wouldn't describe myself as a feminist — except to say that I think women rightfully should have equal rights as men, especially under the law. I don't see that as feminism per se, it's just being fair. You have to wonder if the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, can make the same claim.

It was the archbishop — the head of the Church of England — who last week whipped up an enormous controversy in Britain by saying that he thought it was unavoidable that the Brits were going to have to accommodate themselves to Sharia law — law based on the Koran.

Some of his own subordinate bishops called for his resignation, but the archbishop continues to defend what he said by claiming he was misunderstood.

Well, I understood exactly what he meant.

He was talking about woman and the rights of women before British courts. As in this country, women have rights of property, rights of daily life that are equal to those of men and, most importantly, women have a right to equal treatment under the law, particularly when it comes to divorce.

Under Sharia law women do not have the same rights as men, especially in divorce. Under Sharia law, a man can divorce instantly by simply saying "I divorce you," but a woman must go to a Sharia court and beg.

As you might imagine, law that does not allow escape from an abusive relationship is patently unfair.

What the archbishop was proposing — in effect — was the unfairness of Sharia law toward women be institutionalized for Muslim women under British law.

Anybody should be angry about such a suggestion, but most of all women should be angry and it is women who should be calling for the early retirement of the archbishop.

And that's My Word.

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