Mandatory School Spanish Classes Anger Texas Parents

A Texas school district is reviewing its second-language requirement after concerns over students being forced to learn Spanish, according to reports.

Some parents at Timberline Elementary School in Grapevine, Texas, are outraged their children have to take Spanish as a mandatory second-language requirement, reported.

Leigh Allison, the mother of fifth-grader Ashleigh, said the policy makes life easier for Hispanic immigrants and her daughter shouldn't be forced to conform, according to a report on

"She wants to be that one voice that forces them to learn English," Leigh Allison told the paper. "We're not going to turn America into a bilingual country to accommodate you."

Texas requires second language instruction for elementary and middle-school students, Star-Telegram reports. Most schools choose Spanish instruction, but other languages are acceptable for the policy.

The Grapevine-Colleyville School District is reviewing its language policy after more than 15 years of Spanish instruction, and Ashleigh Allison is being allowed to study French in school without the aid of a teacher, reports.

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