'Deadbeat Dad' Runs for Office in Chicago

An alleged Illinois deadbeat dad whose ex-wife says he owes more than $82,000 in unpaid child support is running as a candidate for Ward 47 Republican Committeeman in Chicago, MyFOXChicago reports.

Marie Karlin said she has been trying to locate her ex-husband, Gary Karlin, after he disappeared 14 years ago. He paid her child support for a few months, but after he took off, Marie's parents had to help support her and her now 16-year-old daughter.

Every few months, she would Google Gary's name to see if she could find him, and, last month, she was stunned to discover he was running for office under "conservative" values.

"I was in shock," Marie told MyFOXChicago.

If there's one vote Gary can't count on, it's one from his ex-wife.

"I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him," Marie told MyFOXChicago.