Friday Finals: Weekly Winners and Losers

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And it's Friday Finals, our list of big winners and big losers as chosen by me and Heather and the staff.

First the losers:

We have to make Bill Clinton a big loser. He's come off as the former president bully this week, chastising reporters and slapping Obama around. Not every Democrat loves him anymore.

Drew Peterson is also a big loser. Don't walk off Shep's show, dude. Just stand there and answer the questions. Otherwise we conclude you can't answer and that makes you look guilty.

Wesley Snipes has to be a big loser. He owes the feds millions in taxes for years he didn't even file and he thinks he can get away with this. Earth to Wes -- in fact, you can't get away with it.

Tom Brady is a big loser this week. Trying to visit his girlfriend in enemy territory, New York City, Brady was spotted in some sort of foot cast. How could he think he could sneak around New York this week of all weeks?

This week's big winners:

Cesar Laurean is a winner. Even though the suspected killer will end up in jail for life by running to Mexico he insured he won't get the death penalty. This is one win he doesn't deserve.

John McCain is a big winner. Doing great all of a sudden out on the campaign trail, raising $7 million in the last few days and suddenly looking like anything is possible.

Barack Obama is a big winner. Still on the high road, he's begun to fight back against the charges coming from the Clintons. He's got a bit of mud on him, but not above the knees.

And our big winner tonight, Kiefer Sutherland. He did his time in jail. He got out. The paparazzi didn't care. There was only one photographer there to shoot Sutherland's first moments as a free man. That makes him a winner in Hollywood.

And that's My Word.

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