Stacy Peterson's Aunt Goes 'On the Record'

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CATHERINE HERRIDGE, GUEST HOST: I'm Catherine Herridge in for Greta van Susteren, tonight. Brand new video of Stacy Peterson in that case. Listen carefully because it's kind of tough to hear.


My lovely aunt (INAUDIBLE). You guys are awesome. All-around awesome (INAUDIBLE) I want to raise my family (INAUDIBLE).


HERRIDGE: These bittersweet images come from a happier time, long before the young mother of two disappeared. Taken in 2003, this video shows Stacy, pregnant and beaming, with her then boyfriend Stacy Peterson during her aunt's 25th wedding anniversary. The second video was shot at the Peterson's home in 2004 as they celebrate Stacy's grandfather's 80th birthday. Stacy Peterson's aunt Candace Aikin joins us live on the phone.

Candace, good evening.


HERRIDGE: Now, let's start with the first video. It's 2003, describe the atmosphere at that event and what was the relationship like between Drew and Stacy? They looked pretty close and loving in the video.

AIKIN: Yes, it was a very happy time for them. They were newly in love in love and very happy, very excited to be here and celebrating with us and it was a good time. They were both very happy at that point in time.

HERRIDGE: One of the things that's striking as you look at the video is how young Stacy looks. How old was she?

AIKIN: She was 18, almost 19 on the 20th of January, that was the 11th. Well, nine days later, after that, she would be 19, yeah.

HERRIDGE: Nineteen. And she's pregnant in this video. How far along is she?

AIKIN: She's like four months, there.

HERRIDGE: And she is four months pregnant with their son be Anthony, is that correct?

AIKIN: Right. That's with her first child, Anthony.

HERRIDGE: Now, describe to me what you think when you see this video today with sort of the benefit of hindsight?

AIKIN: I just -- I'm sorry, what do you want me to say?

HERRIDGE: Well, when you look at this video today, and given her disappearance, what strikes you about the video that maybe didn't at the time?

AIKIN: Everything just looked so happy and nice. I mean, it just didn't look like there was anything wrong between them or -- It just seemed like happy couple.

HERRIDGE: At that time?

AIKIN: At that time, yeah.

HERRIDGE: Now, was he still married to his wife, the third wife at this time?

AIKIN: Yes. Yes.

HERRIDGE: He was. OK, let's move on to the second video. This was taken about a year later, in 2004. Where was it and who are we seeing in the tape?

AIKIN: OK, it's at Stacy and Drew's home, there in Bolingbrook. And -- their current home and it's with -- it's my father, Stacy's grandfather's 80th birthday party. We gave a surprise. I had called her and asked her if she wanted to do a surprise for her grandfather and she was like, "sure, let's do it." And so they opened up their home and we did that there and Stacy is there with her -- with my dad, her grandfather, and that was in March of '04.

HERRIDGE: One of the things that's striking when you look at that video is just her -- looks like her enthusiasm for life and also her family.

AIKIN: Yes, she's very excited about life, she's very bubbly, she is very happy, she loved to be around family, loved to have family get- togethers and bring the family all together. She just loved to do that.

HERRIDGE: Now, why did you decide to release this videotape, now?

AIKIN: I decided to release the video so that the world could see how happy she is and the bubbly personality and how much family meant to her, to just show that she wouldn't leave her children and just, you know, let the world know that we really appreciate everything that they're doing to try to search for her.

HERRIDGE: Does it make you at all sad to look at this videotape now, given that she has been missing for so long?

AIKIN: Yes. It's very hard to watch it. It seems like she is, you know, I should be able to call her on the phone and talk to her. It seems like she is right there, but I just can't call her.

HERRIDGE: Candace, thanks.

AIKIN: OK. Thank you.

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