Parents Debate Whether to Pull Plug on Comatose Daughter

A 16-year old girl in an irreversible coma at Montefiore Medical Center in New York City is at the center of an emotional court case. The teen's mother told the NY Daily News that she wants to take her daughter off all life-supporting machines. At first the teen's father said he would fight that decision.

But now Leonard Peters is wavering in his opposition.

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"I'm 85 percent changed in my mind now, but I don't know the legality," said Peters.

16-year-old Javona Peters was a healthy high school junior until she went into the operating room on Oct. 17. Now she is in a permanent vegetative state — blind, deaf, and unable to move, think or eat on her own.

The case is set for a Jan. 7 hearing in Bronx Supreme Court.