Media Group Claims Music Video is Sign of Growing Danger in Gaza

A music video appearing on Palestinian Authority television depicting a ‘Martyr for Allah’ being greeted in paradise by virgins may be a signal that Palestinian leadership is preparing for renewed fighting with Israel along the Gaza Strip, according to a Palestinian media watchdog group.

According to Palestinian Media Watch, the clip portrays a woman being shot in the back by Israeli soldiers and immediately taken to paradise with other maidens to await a Shahid, or a Martyr for Allah. She is then joined in paradise by a man who was shot by Israeli soldiers while visiting her grave.

Click here to see the clip (YouTube)

According to Islamic tradition, martyrs are rewarded with beautiful women in paradise.

The clip, according to Palestinian Media Watch, played constantly on Palestinian television constantly during periods of armed conflict with Israel, including several times a day from 2000 through 2005, and again in the fall of 2006.