J.K. Rowling Returns to Harry Potter's 'Birthplace'

J.K. Rowling has made a tearful return to the flat where Harry Potter came to life.

The author was a struggling single mother on benefits when she began writing her first book, "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone." (In the U.S., the book was titled "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.")

She has now gone back to the flat in Edinburgh, where she lived during that time and where she dreamed up the story of the schoolboy wizard.

It is only a few miles from her current home in Leith, Edinburgh, yet this was the first time she had returned since moving out a decade ago.

Visiting the flat, she wiped away tears as she relived memories of those days and contemplated her own "fairytale" ending.

And she was thrilled to find that the new residents had copies of the Harry Potter books on their shelves.

"Oh, look, Harry Potter books! Now that is really freaky," she exclaimed. "This is really the room where I finished 'Philosopher's Stone.'

"This is really where I turned my life around completely. My life really changed in this flat," she said as she stepped into the front room.

Rowling moved to Leith with her daughter Jessica after splitting from her Portuguese husband, Jorge Arantes.

"The Philosopher's Stone" was turned down by 12 publishers before it was picked up by Bloomsbury.

By day, Rowling wrote the novel in nearby cafes, and by night she worked on it in the flat after putting Jessica to bed.

The emotional scenes were filmed for ITV1 special "J.K. Rowling ... A Year In The Life."