Miss France in Hot Water Over Crucifixion Pool Pictures

The new Miss France is deciding whether to give up her crown after the head of the competition committee demanded she quit over compromising photos.

Valerie Begue appears crucified in one picture, posing Christ-like in a swimming pool. In another she is seen suggestively licking yogurt out of a pot.

Click here to see the controversial photo.

The 22-year-old beauty queen could now lose her title — having held it for just two weeks.

Begue comes from Reunion, a French island in the Indian Ocean, and was the first islander to win the competition since 1978. She was feted as a princess when she returned home.

She initially said she had no intention of giving up her crown, awarded on Dec. 8, and said she felt "betrayed" by the publication of the pictures.

But she later told a press conference she would take a "period of reflection" before deciding, adding she "understood" the reaction of the Miss France committee.

Organizer Genvieve de Fontenay said of the pictures: "It is absolutely unacceptable. She must resign immediately, and if not we will make her leave."

All entrants have to sign a form stating they have never been photographed fully nude or in compromising positions.

The 5-foot 7-inch business student said the snaps had been taken three years ago and were never meant to have been published.

She insisted that neither she nor the photographer were paid for them. "I made an error of youth, I admit it," Begue added.

Many members of the public said they were "staggered" at the revelations. "It's not fair, she was representing Reunion so well," one woman told a radio station.