Coming Up on 'FOX News Sunday': Gen. David Petraeus and Joel Osteen

Our exclusive guest this week is Gen. David Petraeus. Plus, Joel Osteen, pastor of Lakewood Church, joins us.

This week the Pentagon issued its quarterly report on Iraq: "Measuring Stability and Security in Iraq." It shows violence over the last six months is down and security has improved. There are also improvements in government services, political reconciliation and the economy. In a "FOX News Sunday" exclusive, Gen. David Petraeus will discuss the report on the current situation in Iraq.

Our "American Leaders" series continues this week with the pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas — America’s largest and fastest growing church. Joel Osteen has one of the biggest audiences in the U.S. and worldwide. Approximately 45,000 people attend his five services at Lakewood Church every week and millions more tune in to his television broadcast to hear his inspirational message. What role does religion play in the political arena? How does he feel about Republican presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee? And what is his spiritual message during this holiday season? We’ll find out from one of America's favorite leaders.

This week's Power Player: Morrill Worcester, president of Worcester Wreath. Worcester Wreath recognizes veterans with remembrance wreaths for the holidays in their program, Wreaths Across America.

Plus, our all-star panel: Fred Barnes, The Weekly Standard; Nina Easton, Fortune magazine; Bill Kristol, The Weekly Standard, and Juan Williams, National Public Radio

So check your local listings and we'll see you on the next "FOX News Sunday."

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