Time Magazine Has Selected the Wrong 'Person of the Year'

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Time magazine made its person of the year this year Vladimir Putin, the new Russian czar.

You have to wonder what is up with the editors at Time magazine. Putin is probably important in the great scheme of things, but what American can honestly say that the person of the year is anybody but General David Petraeus?

Bill O'Reilly said Petraeus should be man of the year last week, and he is absolutely right. If Patraeus had not taken over the war effort it would be slogging along at a dispiriting and deathly pace, and the election season right now would be dominated by Iraq.

Instead, it appears that Petraeus has managed to turn the corner in Iraq. We're coming up on the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, so it is fair enough to say it's about time. But the first half of this year was the deadliest ever for Americans and Iraqis — and the second half of the year has been the safest, if you measure it by death totals.

Petraeus and some 160,000 American troops did that, and considering what a huge issue the Iraq war has been worldwide for the last five years, it is clearly both a monumental and for many people, an unexpected achievement. Last year — last year this time politicians and jurors were saying the war was not only not being won; it was not even possible to win it.

Now war opponents prefer to talk about children's health, or wishing everybody a merry Christmas, or whatever. But not — it is not good to scream about losing the war when everybody can see that in fact we are winning it.

So why would Time pick Putin? To avoid reminding you that Time and its cohorts in the mainstream media were so wrong on Iraq. The last thing anybody in the big media wants to do is underscore that they were wrong on Iraq: That they were way too pessimistic and way too convinced that we were going to lose this war.

But I know you are not fooled. Iraq is doing better even if Time magazine will not recognize it.

And that is My Word.

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