Friday Finals: Week's Winners and Losers

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It's the Friday Finals, our big winners and losers of the week. First the losers, chosen by me, Heather and "The Big Story" staff.

Michael Vick. That dog escapade seems to have cost him his athletic career. He's in jail now for two years on federal charges and there may be state time coming, too. Ugly.

NBC and GE were big losers this week. NBC had to back down on its silly banning of an ad sending greetings to the troops, and they had to give money back to advertisers when their ratings got too bad to ignore. GE can't be happy.

Bud Selig, the commissioner of baseball, has to be a loser. This steroids scandal went on under his nose, and it's hard to argue he didn't tacitly approve steroid use because he let it go on.

And Drew Peterson is the biggest loser. This guy is leaving a trail of evidence and suspicions with every move he makes. Plus he can't stop running his mouth. I predict the jury already doesn't like him.

Now for the big winners.

First is Jeanne Assam, the church member in Colorado Springs who drew her own gun and went after the maniacal shooter at the church. She brought him down, and she is a hero.

Huckabee has to be a winner considering how much he's come up in the polls. But personally I'm not buying the idea that his attack on Mormons was innocent. Smells planned to me.

Barack Obama is a winner. He's surging ahead of the others and he seems to be making Hillary shake in her boots.

And Alan Keyes has to be a big winner. How did he get in that debate? And he must be chuckling to himself that he dominated a debate in a race he cannot and will not win.

That's this week's winners and losers as compiled by me, Heather and the staff.

That's My Word.

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