No White Christmas for Philadelphia Dealers: Coke-Filled Cards From Peru Intercepted

Some drug dealers in Philadelphia won’t be getting snow for Christmas this year after narcotics agents seized $10,000 worth of cocaine stashed in Christmas cards sent from Peru, reports.

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"We believe he's receiving anywhere from 6 ounces of coke or more to the different residences, collects it and delivers it throughout the city," Capt. Chris Werner said.

Customs agents at JFK Airport in New York intercepted the cards and alerted police.

Narcotics officers then replaced the coke with another substance and an undercover officer posing as a neighbor delivered the cards to three addresses on the envelopes, where police found more cocaine, $20,000 in cash and several firearms.

Police said a husband and his wife and mother face charges of conspiracy and possession to distribute cocaine; more arrests were expected as police continued to track the drugs from Peru.