Eddie Van Halen Returns Home From Tour to Flooded Yard

It wasn't the homecoming Eddie Van Halen was hoping for.

The 52-year-old guitarist had been in Edmonton, Alberta, where his band, Van Halen, had just performed, when a call came in early Monday morning from Los Angeles fire officials.

A broken water main in Studio City sent thousands of gallons of water flowing down Coldwater Canyon Avenue and into Van Halen's yard.

He arrived home from Canada around noon and surveyed the damage.

"It could have been a lot worse," said Janie Liszewski, Van Halen's publicist and live-in girlfriend.

"The pool is buried in mud, the driveway gate is down and some major landscaping is going to be needed to restore the yard to its former self," Liszewski said.

Fire spokesman Cecil Manresa confirmed Van Halen's was the lone home affected by the water, and said sandbags placed around the house prevented any water from entering inside.