Report: Florida Veterans Call Off Plan to Picket Jane Fonda Fund-Raiser

Florida veterans called off plans to protest a fund-raiser appearance Tuesday by Jane Fonda, who infamously straddled an enemy cannon in defiance of the United States' involvement in the Vietnam War.

Some of the 7,000-plus members of the American Legion in Palm Beach, Martin and Okeechobee counties were expecting to be called to picket Tuesday's luncheon of the YWCA at The Breakers, the Palm Beach Post reported.

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But then they changed their minds.

"We're calling everything off," Legion organizer David Knapp told the Post. "Veterans will never forget what Jane Fonda did. But we don't want to damage the YWCA."

Fonda is scheduled to speak before over 300 people who paid $300 each for the Y's shelter for battered women, Harmony House.

The vets also took issue with the buzz that Fonda — who was nicknamed "Hanoi Jane" by those offended by her 1972 posturing — would be receiving a humanitarian award.

"The folks at the YWCA said there would be no award," Knapp said.