Two-Week Drinking Binge Wrecked Olympian's Body, Study Finds

A British Olympic runner says she suffered physically and mentally after volunteering for a two-week binge-drinking study.

Olympic medalist Katharine Merry volunteered for binge-drinking trial filmed for a documentary called "Binge Britain: Diet Doctors Special," which will be broadcast in the U.K. Wednesday, Britain's Telegraph reports. The aim of the documentary was to show the harmful effects of drinking binges.

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Merry, who rarely drinks, suffered skin problems; felt grumpy, weak and lethargic; lost her appetite and ended up two inches fatter by the conclusion of the study. She also became ill during the experiment and had to go on antibiotics.

"That much alcohol in just one sitting tipped my body over the edge and set a pattern for the two weeks. It was a horrendous experience," she said. "Hopefully the results of the experiment will be a wake-up call to girls and young women who drink too much."

Merry, 33, drank the equivalent of two bottles of wine every three days for the study. She won a bronze medal for the 400 meter sprint in the 2000 Summer Olympics held in Sydney, Australia.