Pop Tarts: Amy Adams Likes Foot Rubs More Than Romantic Dinners

It's not hard to "Enchant" beautiful new mega-star Amy Adams — just tickle her toes.

“Romance isn’t dead — I think it is very much alive even today. But I don’t know that it will last forever after,” Adams told Pop Tarts at the Hollywood premiere of "Enchanted," which hit No. 1 at the box office last weekend. “For me, the most romantic thing a man can do is give me foot rubs. I will take a really intense foot rub over a romantic dinner any day.”

Any volunteers?

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Of her new hit film, Adams says it "spins the classic fairy tale in a lot of ways.”

“I just think by setting it in a modern world, a real world, and just bringing the truth about romance and what can happen after happily ever after is what’s so special,” she said.

Speaking of spinning, it seems like Adams' sanity does a little twirling of its own.

"I tend to break into song in my real life, so I was very comfortable breaking into song," she said. “But I’m not always in character; I’m just Amy Adams who breaks into song. Oh, no, I'm speaking about myself in third person. Sorry, it's always funny to me when I speak of myself in third person. I’m a little crazy; others would probably argue and say I’m a lot more than a little crazy.”

Nevertheless, it seems starring alongside Adams made "Grey's Anatomy" star Patrick Dempsey somewhat “McDreamy."

“She's funnier than all the fairy-tale characters; she's a lot funnier, a lot more slapstick to her,” he told us. “And she's a modern woman, which, of course, I love.”

But it wasn’t always easy for the older, wiser actor to keep up with the “action” of the energetic Adams and the younger James Marsden when the “lights and camera” weren't rolling.

“This was definitely a challenge, because at the same time I was trying to stay in some type of reality for my character. And keeping the emotional bottom to a piece and being the straight man and not getting caught up in the over-acting and fun playing that they were into,” he laughed. “But Amy is amazing, such an amazing actress to work alongside.”

But the happily married Dempsey reassured us that his eyes will never wander.

“I totally believe in love at first sight — I can vouch for that and I’m reminded every time I look at my wife,” he said. “Romance is still very much alive and well today, and we are constantly doing little things for each other — it is the little things in life that count. We spend time together talking and she loves fresh flowers.”

Kim Kardashian Given the Five Fingers

Kim Kardashian may not be so skilled at “Keeping Up” with her sex tapes, but the brunette beauty knows when someone steals her booty.

Pop Tarts has confirmed that someone stuck their dirty fingers into the reality star’s cute carry-on at JFK Airport as she posed for pics with the peeps from Delta Airlines.

“Kim was on her way to Vegas and was being friendly by signing autographs and taking photos when her stuff was stolen,” a pal for the current Playboy covergirl told us. “She had things worth well over $50,000 taken, including her Cartier watch, laptop and jewelry.”

Travolta Trapped: John Just Can't Shake His 'Saturday Night Fever'

There is movement all around, there is something going down and I can feel it…

He may have gone on to have a very long and lavish movie career after "Saturday Night Fever," but it turns out that John Travolta just cannot give up the gyrations and grinds that sent him soaring some 30 years ago.

“I’m just so happy everybody is here and so happy nothing’s replaced it. It’s given me such a wonderful life, that movie, and it started it all,” Travolta told us last Monday at the 30th anniversary screening of the film.

“But it was hard to top such a film, even though I had a lot of successes after it. I think that the impact was so strong and it was such a realistic movie, but it gave me back such surrealism. It gave me a bigger-than-life [role] for such a realistic scenario.”

And time hasn’t seemed to have tainted his toes, either, as Travolta swears he can still walk that wondrous walk.

“I can still do the walk. Well, I don’t know if I can, no, I can do it, I can do it in my … (does a little bit of the shuffle). I don’t know if I can dance as well as then, but I can still, you saw “Hairspray,” you know I can, I can still shake the booty a bit.”

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So what does he remember most about making the film?

“Mostly the strongest memories of making the movie are of that day of the solo, because I’d worked so hard to really pull it off,” he said. “I was like a horse coming out of a gate — I couldn’t wait to do it and we took it, did it in one take and we did other takes but I actually completed it. Mostly what you see is the first take of that.”

However, co-star Joseph Cali (who played Joey) is still smiling over an on-set slip-up.

“I always remember two things. The one thing I remember is that we’re out the second night filming and about 3,500 or 5,000 kids broke the barricades and started running after the car and John was freaking out,” Cali told us.

“He gets in the bottom of the back seat and he’s screaming 'Get out of here' and we’re yelling at Barry Miller: 'Go man, go, go' and we’re like feeling we’re in some kind of revolution in Cuba or something trying to get away from these people as the kids are all jumping on the car.

"And the other experience was when John played the Bee Gee music like a raw tape where we got to hear two of the songs for the first time on just piano with them singing and you knew, you just said, 'Oh, my God, this music is incredible.' Yeah, you knew we were plugged right into it right away.”

Evanescence's Amy Lee Ties Knot

Evanescence singing sensation Amy Lee recently married her longtime buddy and therapist, Josh Hartzler, and the two have nothing to hide.

“Work's a little bit more fun having hubby with me on the road and it's not so lonely,” Lee told Pop Tarts before her recent performance for the Grammy Foundation at Hollywood’s Greek Theater.

“We’re pretty open about our relationship and don’t feel the need to hide anything around the crew or other band guys. Josh and I am an open book. I think the biggest, hardest thing for everybody on the road is missing your family and missing your girlfriend or boyfriend. Your pets, I still miss my cats, but you can't have everything.”

So Lee might not have everything, but the “Call Me When You’re Sober” singer seems to be sloshed with success and surprise.

“You always want to hope for the best and we had faith in the band, but I really wasn’t ready for it to take off as fast as it did and as much as it did so it has all definitely been a surprise,” she said.

“But it was all like this big whirlwind of stuff, so we took chances and got creative with the new album. We did things that I didn't think that I could maybe do before. Just did a lot of experimentation and abandoned the formula, so I think that it made for a much better and much more interesting, more mature record.”

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