Pop Tarts: Oops! Video Shows Britney Running Stop Signs

Pop Tarts is officially warning all Los Angeles drivers to buckle up and install a Britster brace, because it's one scary Britney Spears saga on the road.

The pop princess was purportedly caught on video running three stop signs in a row with her manager and friend Sam Lufti in her new Mercedes while returning from the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills.

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Brit’s overworked lawyer, Michael Flanagan, seems to be getting tired of his client’s beep-beep blues. Pop Tarts has confirmed that Flanagan wants some “Silent Nights” in his festive season and has requested that her driving without a valid license legal battle be postponed until the new year.

And as for all those “Crazy” reports that our crooner is going to adopt Chinese twins … Pop Tarts has been told that that is as ridiculous as it sounds.

“There is not truth to that at all,” said a Spears rep. “It came from a bored British tabloid. Shame on all publications who were pathetic enough to repeat it. This report is actually funny."

Keri Russell Didn't Want to Bore Fans

Keri Russell’s return to the movies came with careful consideration. After her TV show "Felicity" died down in 2002, she decided to spend some time out of the spotlight for fear that her fresh face may have been boring her fans.

“Promoting films and shows is a lot of work — there is definitely a tendency to get over-saturated in this business just from one production,” she said. “I didn’t want to end up that girl that everybody gets sick of, so I let audiences have a break from me. I got married, became a mom. I wasn’t sure if I wanted come back into the business, but I’m glad I made the decision to do so.”

And for her new movie, "August Rush," the “Mouseketeers” alumna even had to learn the cello.

"I had to learn those cello solos, which was no easy task, but I had a really great teacher,” Russell said. “And that's the cool thing about doing a film — you get really intensified hours a day [to learn an instrument], and you wouldn't ever have the chance normally."

Jonathan Rhys Meyers often felt sorry for his "August Rush" co-star.

“I'd walk past her and I'd hear [squeaky cello noises] and I'm like 'Bless you, bless you 'cause that's gotta hurt,'" the sexy "Tudors" star said. “Her ears … they’ve endured a lot of self-inflicted pain.”

Meyers, meanwhile, is mourning the loss of his real-life leading lady. His mother, Geri, tragically lost her life last week due to a sudden illness and was laid to rest Friday in Ireland. Colin Farrell was in attendance to support his film friend but rather than tears, Jonathan insisted on cheers.

“He asked that we all stand and applaud instead of taking a moment’s silence,” a mourner told Pop Tarts. “Rhys said his mother would have hated silence.”

'Unemployed' Eva Longoria Motivated by Sister's Struggles

Eva Longoria is “Desperate” … for work.

“The writer’s strike definitely makes for a somber time, and we were shut down last week,” she said at the recent launch of the Samsung Blackjack 11 in Hollywood.

“I’m unemployed, which is never a nice feeling because I want, I need, to be working. But this is all about fairness — the new media world has really taken over and we’ve all seen the way it has hurt the music industry, so we don’t want it to happen with television and film as well.”

And even though Longoria has hit a sore spot in her career, she's always inspired by her older sister Liza, who has disabilities.

“She was still my hero growing up. It was a blessing to watch her overcome every obstacle — tying her shoes, putting on a shirt, getting out the front door. You could only imagine the hurdles she encountered every day,” the Wisteria Lane lady told PARADE magazine.

“She was a role model for me to get ready for life in Hollywood. You don’t take health for granted; you don’t take life for granted. I’ve learned there is no better medicine than laughing.”

Speaking of medicine, the paparazzi-popular Mrs. Parker seems to be happy to take a good dose of snaps herself.

“I’m a gadget girl — I’m always looking for the next best thing,” Longoria said while stroking her new Samsung cell at Hollywood hotspot Vice. “I love cameras; I am a capture-the-moment kinda girl.”

Barack Obama Obsessed With SpongeBob SquarePants?

In his push for the presidency, Barack Obama has come clean about his favorite TV shows.

“SpongeBob SquarePants is my favorite TV character of all time,” Obama told TV Guide in a special “Presidential Candidate Edition” on newsstands this Thursday. “'SpongeBob' is the show I always watch with my daughters.”

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton has 'fessed up to a fascination with reality television and a passion for home and garden makeover shows, "American Idol" and "Dancing with the Stars."

But it seems Dennis Kucinich prefers bumming by the boob tube way after bedtime, admitting his faves are "The Tonight Show," "The Late Show," "The Daily Show," "The Colbert Report" and "Saturday Night Live."

“When I get a chance to watch TV, it’s usually late in the evening,” he told TV Guide. “Those shows have brilliant writers. It’s just great to watch them. I take what I do seriously, but I don’t take myself seriously.”

Fred Thompson, meanwhile, prefers SportsCenter.

"I always need to stay up on my Titans, Vols, Vanderbilt and, of course, my Memphis Tigers,” he said.

Disney Diva: Vanessa Hudgens Too Hot for 'High School'?

The “High School Musical” franchise is riding high — but it seems the seams are slightly coming apart as certain characters appear to think they're a step up from their performing pals.

Packs of press flooded Hollywood last Monday to interview the super-skilled singers and actors, only to discover that the film’s stars Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron (who just walked the carpet at the DVD premiere) suddenly had better things to do at the Renaissance Hotel together … leaving their fellow film “friends” to do all the dirty work.

At a time when Ness needs to pick up the pieces of her naked photo scandal, peeving the press probably isn’t the smartest thing to do. Especially when you decide to do a no-show and not even tell your director.

So does this dating duo think they’re too hot for "High School" and not want to sign up for the third film after all?

“Everyone wants to be involved in the trilogy, and that’s why the cast is all here today,” director Kenny Ortega told us enthusiastically, just before we gently let him know that his two biggest names had opted out.

“Really? They should be here … I don’t know why they aren’t; they were here just this afternoon. I can’t believe it.”

And to make matters worse, it seemed Ashley Tisdale also had more important things to do than promote the perky and popular film that made her famous.

After giving a few interviews alongside the very grounded and cooperative Corbin Bleu, Pop Tarts popped Tisdale twirling down the hallway waving goodbye with a “See you at the after-party!” swan song.

And then there's the money.

“We don’t discuss our salaries,” Tisdale told us the evening before at the American Music Awards. “But let’s just say that we love Disney — Disney is very, very good to us.”

And Hudgens agreed, adding that Disney is so generous that Ashley happens to hightail around town in a Porsche.

But least our glamorous Gabriella can admit to being a bit high-maintenance.

“Gosh, it takes me forever to get ready for an event like the AMAs,” Vanessa said. “But I’m always so unprepared, my stylist tells me but I still never know what I’m wearing. (Clothes this time, please!)

“But as you can imagine my hair and makeup takes so long, if I tell you honestly how many hours I will sound like a diva. But I’m lucky I don’t have to do it myself — I can just hire someone else to put the bronzer on me," she added.

And despite all the inaccurate reports that she’s being dissed by Disney for the upcoming film, Hudgens thinks that all the “drama” is actually what draws a big fan base.

“I think what is so great about the 'HSM' series is that people can really connect to our characters and fall in love with our characters; teens love all that drama that surrounds our lives,” she added on the red carpet of the DVD release.

And if you thought you’d already seen “everything” Hudgens has to expose, think again. This girl is ready to reveal more, and Tisdale too is getting down to the nitty-gritty.

“I’m busy working on my second album at the moment — I have a few songs down but I’m working with some huge producers which is exciting,” Vanessa told us. “This one is going to be a lot more grown up than the last one, a little jazzier and I’m showing a side of me that people haven’t seen before.”

“I’m working on another album too,” Ashley added. “It will be a real balancing act to get it completed, but this one is going to be a lot more edgy than the last.”

Hmmm … it seems the cast has done a lot of “developing” since their debut, but let’s hope that they’re not too hot for a 'High School' graduation.

Lindsay Lohan Causes Chaos When She Shops 'Naked' in New York

Reformed rehabber Lindsay Lohan was spotted in the very cold Big Apple on Black Friday bumming around for bargains at none other than … Naked.

Our sources tell us that the sexy actress spent more time posing for the paps at the popular clothing store than picking out her picks, and was so busy positioning herself for the happy snappers outside that she almost bumped into her own reflection.

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