Looking for Liberal Bias? Follow the Money

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Occasionally we do a story about the liberal bias at American universities among faculty — the people who teach the kids you send to college at 40-plus grand a year.

Sometimes people will try to argue it isn't true, but look at this fact reported today in the Yale Daily News: By checking the records of the Federal Election Commission, reporters determined that Yale faculty donated to Democrats more often than to Republicans by a margin of 45-1.

That is literally $45,000 in donations to Democrats versus $1,000 in donations to Republicans.

Professor Charles Hill — who is one of the few to align himself with Republicans, he's on the foreign policy team of candidate Rudy Giuliani — explained this is part of the reason candidates don't visit the Yale campus.

"New England has become essentially a one-party region," Professor Hill said accurately, "so whatever happens [here] is kind of predictable. The Democrats don't need to come here and the Republicans don't bother."

So because of the heavy tilt Democrat on the campus, Yale students don't see any candidates anymore. It's not worth the time for either Dems or Republicans — they have the Dems locked up and there aren't enough Republicans to matter.

So why are there so many Dems on the faculty? The dean says we don't hire on the basis of political affiliation because we don't ask. I guess what that means is that the liberals can just spot each other on sight. There must be a uniform the rest of us don't know about.

Now, bear in mind, this is just the Yalies. But is there any reason to suspect the disparity in liberals to conservatives is any different on any other campus anywhere in America?

That's My Word.

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