College Students' Pot Business Goes Up in Smoke

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Probably every parent tells their kids when going off to college: Don't smoke pot. Lots of time it's a waste of breath.

Probably many parents go the extra step and say: Whatever you do, don't sell pot.

But what parent would think of going even farther and saying to their college freshman student: If you smoke pot, and if you sell pot, for god's sake don't yell out the dorm window that you have pot for sale? That's one of those warnings that is supposed to go without actually saying.

But two students at Northeastern University in Boston evidently needed just such a parental warning. They had four ounces of pot for sale in their dorm room, and one allegedly yelled out the window to a friend across the street: Hey, if you want weed, my roommate is selling some.

Down on the street, under the window, with their ears wide open, were two Boston cops. Sometimes fish jump in the boat, too.

Anyway, these two cops went up to the dorm room and promptly arrested two 18-year-old boys, students, or they were anyway. They now face two years in jail. "They are no longer students here," said university spokeswoman Laura Shea.

And somewhere in the suburbs of Boston two sets of parents are staring at two thoroughly chagrined former students, now accused drug dealers. And I'm sure those parents are wide-eyed in disbelief and are demanding of their precious former college student children: You yelled what out your dorm window?

Life is a learning experience, especially when you're away at college for the first time.

That's My Word.

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