Stupid Study

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In the department of we already knew that, or geez, they pay you for this, we have today's academic study which proves once and for all that men are dogs and women are cagey felines.

It was a study of what men and women picked when they were put through a speed dating experiment. The men moved from table to table talking to various women, some hot, some not. The men evidently always picked the hot one, and some men picked multiple hot ones, as in, "I'll take 'em all."

The women were different. They gauged their own attractiveness and went for the guy who they thought would think they are hot.

So it was hot, from both sides now, as Joni Mitchell might say.

One interpreter of the study results went even farther, saying women picked cash: who would do best for them in material matters based on their own perception of their own hotness. In other words, I'm a babe, so I want a guy who knows I'm a babe and better yet, knows he has to make a babe feel like a babe.

So the lesson in all this was that guys go for attractive women even if they say they want a soul mate, and women go for the guy who is the best combination of reasonably attractive and will provide the life she will want.

I hate to sound like a guy who is always complaining about stupid studies, but is this stupid or what? Is this stuff you did not know? Everybody I know knows this is true. Not in all cases, but in many, or most.

And as a further caveat, it certainly may not be true if the man or the woman is having a second go at picking a mate. We all make mistakes, and some of us learn and do not repeat the mistake the second time.

That's My Word.

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