Artist Defends Bin Laden-Into-Jesus Artwork

An Aussie artist who created a controversial piece depicting Usama bin Laden morphing into Jesus Christ defended her work, calling for people to look beyond the comparison of good and evil, the News Limited of Australia reported on Thursday.

Priscilla Bracks denied she was trying offend people.

"Absolutely not, no, no,” she said in the News article. “I am not interested in being offensive. I am interested in having a discussion and asking questions about how we think about our world and what we accept and what we don't accept," she said.

Click here to see a picture and read the story in the News Limited.

Click here to read Bracks' statement on the controversial artwork.

The bin Laden work and another of the Virgin Mary in a burqa, created by Sydney artist Luke Sullivan, have been entered into Sydney’s top religious art competition, but not without infuriating some.

Australian Prime Minister John Howard responded: "The choice of such artwork is gratuitously offensive to the religious beliefs of many Australians."