Need for Rare Heart Defibrillator Ends College Football Player's Career

After doctors placed a tiny automatic defibrillator near his heart Thursday, University of Houston lineman Jerrod Butler tells FOX 26 Sports he will never play football again.

"I am starting to realize the severity of the situation and what really happened, how this is a life changing deal," Butler said after he was released from Methodist Hospital on Friday. "I won't be able to play football any more. The doctors actually installed a defibrillator into my chest."

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Butler collapsed Aug. 13 while lifting weights in the school's athletic facility. He had to be resuscitated with the use of an automatic external defibrillator by UH trainers and has remained in the hospital since the incident because of what doctors termed "a very specific electrical abnormality of the heart.

"The condition has been dealt with by implementing the recent procedure, according to Dr. James Muntz, the school's consulting physician.

"Doctors inserted an automatic implantable cardioverter defibrillator under his chest wall," Muntz said. "The AICD is great. If the heart does it again, it diagnoses and treats it. It is an uncommon procedure."