Controversy Over 'Don't Snitch' Cartoon

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Outrage in Florida over a political cartoon and there really should not be.

Here's the cartoon. (Click here to watch My Word.) In it a gangsta wearing a "Don't Snitch" t-shirt is standing with a smoking gun having just killed someone. A scared kid is saying, "I didn't see nuttin'." And the gangsta says, "That's a good little 'h word'." In the background a billboard reads: "Rap your life away."

So what's this cartoon about? It's about the "no snitching" rule gangstas and killers enforce in the inner city, especially among African-American youth.

The Jacksonville, Florida, Leadership Coalition called the cartoon "racist, culturally insensitive and degrading to African-American women," and they are demanding an apology and the firing of cartoonist Ed Gamble.

The Leadership Coalition has it backwards. Gamble ought to get a medal for speaking the truth, and the critics should be praising him.

The black-on-black crime rate, especially the murder rate, is through the roof in the U.S. The no snitching rule — which many, many young people follow blindly because they are afraid of getting killed — means those crimes aren't solved, the killers roam free and more inner city people are killed.

What's unusual about this is the controversy. The claim that Gamble's cartoon is racist is absurd. What the black leadership ought to be complaining about is the no snitching rule. That's the outrage here, not the fact that a cartoonist is pointing out the absurdity of killers enforcing a gang rule on victims who will just be victimized again.

It is sad and frustrating that anyone would claim the cartoonist is wrong. He said what needs to be said, and he ought to be praised for being brave and not condemned by the very people he is speaking out about to help.

That's My Word.

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