Shocking Photos Show Topless Britney Spears Being Kissed by Woman

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JOHN GIBSON, "BIG STORY" HOST: The "Big Buzz" surrounds this photo and others from Ok! magazine of a topless Britney Spears being smooched in a pool by another topless woman, her former assistant Shannon Funk. The controversial picture is fueling rumors the pop tart may be bisexual. With me now is Ok! magazine's Courtney Hazlett. So, is she?

COURTNEY HAZLETT, OK! MAGAZINE: Well, John, you do the math. You have two women in a pool, they're topless, they're obviously having a good time and one is kissing another on the cheek. It certainly begs the question.

What I'm hearing most of all is Britney is desperate for attention. She'll take positive reinforcement anywhere she can get it and if it happens to be from a woman then she's not really going to say no at this point in time.

GIBSON: Well she has two kids.

HAZLETT: You're right about that.

GIBSON: And they were with her ex-husband Kevin Federline?

HAZLETT: Correct.

GIBSON: And they are fighting over the kids?

HAZLETT: Correct.

GIBSON: She's just having a general wig-out all the time. She's in the news every day. So this actually is just sort of what she's been doing lately, isn't it?

HAZLETT: In so many ways it's par for the course, but for the first time so many people close to her are saying: You know what? Yes, she does have this legitimate interest in other women. She is very amorous with them. She's definitely not acting the way a mother of two typically acts. I think that's what's important here. For the first time you have people close to her, their gut reactions say, yeah, she loves her kids, she's a great mom but here are some things that maybe we should be concerned about.

GIBSON: I would wonder if I were Britney's father who got her started? Can we look back to that kiss with Madonna?

HAZLETT: Well, the Madonna kiss, it's funny. A good friend of Britney's was telling me just the other day that she was trying to get a reaction, that when you're watched and watched and watched, that at some point you've got to do something to keep everyone's attention. Britney noticed she was changing. She was growing up and she was kind of desperate to stay in the spotlight.

GIBSON: What is it that drives her need to stay in the spotlight? I mean, she goes to a recording studio, makes a hit, she'll be back in the spotlight. What is this every day scandal need all about?

HAZLETT: You make a really good point. If she would just go in the studio and make a hit, all of this would seem to go away but she's not making hits. Britney hasn't had much income in the last several years and she's sort of panicking. Throw into that this custody battle and she's really at a loss for controlling herself right now.

GIBSON: Isn't she sitting on $150 million?

HAZLETT: She's sitting on a lot of money, but you know what, she goes through it very, very quickly, too. It's not cheap to own several houses in California and spend nights at lux hotels and pay for private planes. Britney has got some serious issues right now. She needs to learn that loving your kids and caring for them are different.

GIBSON: OK! magazine's Courtney Hazlett, thank you.

HAZLETT: Thank you.

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