30 Insurgents Detained in Iraq Raid

U.S. forces detained 30 suspected insurgents Sunday during raids targeting bombing networks and senior leaders of Al Qaeda in Iraq, the military said.

Seventeen of the suspects were captured north of the Anbar province town of Karmah during an operation against an Al Qaeda in Iraq network blamed for car bombings, including attacks using chlorine, according to a statement.

U.S. forces also seized five people near Tarmiyah while targeting an explosives expert believed to be part of a cell responsible for bringing car bombs into the capital, the military said. They also captured an Al Qaeda-linked suspected weapons trafficking agent in another operation near Tarmiyah, 50 kilometers (30 miles) north of Baghdad, it added.

Two suspects were detained in two raids targeting senior Al Qaeda in Iraq leaders in western Baghdad and in the northern city of Mosul, while five others were captured near Samarra and in Tikrit, the military said.