Trapped Underground

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The trapped coal miners in Utah started and closed our show today and although the story didn't move the tension certainly mounted. The surrounding cities began to pour people and equipment into the area to try and rescue the 6 miners caught over a thousand feet below the Earth.

Separately, Rudy Giuliani and his frosty relations with his two kids took center stage again as it become public knowledge his 17-year-old daughter was supporting Obama not her dad — at least according to her Facebook account. Doesn't it seem no matter how big the controversy, Rudy seems to roll along not rattle? This time again was no exception as the former New York mayor took the news about his daughter's alleged presidential pick in stride, saying essentially that's between he and Caroline. Somehow you hope Andrew, Caroline and Rudy can work it out so that the issues — and not the personality of a fractured family — become the top issues in 2008.

Speaking of '08, The New York Times reports that top Democratic contenders Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have not had a meaningful conversation in months. Maybe this explains why they both had little trouble unloading on each other in the last two debates.

Another first for "FOX & Friends": a discussion on levitation! Leave it to the Scots to do a study on why levitating small objects is possible. Turns out it all has to do with Casimir Force and was a legit discovery in 1948. Who knows when maybe one day we can put away the jetpacks and fly around on are own. How? Well, I can't go into it now but it's all about Casimir Force, so go and google!

Next up on the nation's No. 1 cable morning show, Col. Hunt, Frank Luntz and Harry Potter along with a couple of NASCAR stars. By the way, if you're looking for a positive sports book amidst all this controversy go grab, "It's How You Play the Game" a book that looks at how 90 of America's finest learning lasting values and character.

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