Using Tillman's Death for Political Gain

Even when war is good, it's bad. And when it's bad, it's hell.

Case in point: former NFL player Pat Tillman was killed in battle. Worse, he was the victim of friendly fire. Even worse, the investigation into his death was mishandled, probably due to panic over killing a well-known hero.

But what can be worse than that? How about the left using Tillman's tragic death for political gain.

As you know, the left despises the military. They think the troops are ignorant, murderous pawns. But if a patriot can be used to undermine the beliefs or institutions he himself tried to protect, then the left embraces him.

That's what's happening with Tillman.

Some left-wing blogs like to note that Tillman was no fan of President Bush, but instead liked Noam Chomsky, an anti-American sociopath. The point? To bolster their conspiracy that Tillman was killed to silence his anti-war views.

Of course, they would believe this, because that's something Stalin, Mao, Castro and Chavez would have done -- leaders the left greatly admire. The fact is, the left would go to great lengths to silence their dissenters and so they assume everyone else would do the same.

Pat Tillman volunteered and fought valiantly. For the left to use him to score points against their own political enemies make them the lowest form of scum on Earth, right there with terrorists and people who wear sandals to work.

If you disagree with me, I'll see you in my basement after the show. I'll be wearing a German paratrooper costume with a hole cut in the back.

And that's my gut feeling.

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