Contruction in Beijing for Olympics Includes 33 Windmills

Construction in Beijing on facilities for the 2008 Olympic Games includes a project to build 33 windmills that will supply clean energy for the event, according to a Reuters report.

Reuters, citing the China Daily, said the project is the 10th largest windmill project in the world and will produce an estimated 100 million kwh of electricity a year as well as cut carbon dioxide emissions by at least 10 million tons per year.

The Chinese Olympic Committee reportedly wanted at least 20 percent of the Olympic venues to be powered by wind-generated electricity.The plants will be located outside of Beijing.

According to Reuters, the windmill project will cost $76.69 million and will also help reduce the city's reliance on polluting coal-fired generators.

Construction has been underway in Beijing for some time on the “Bird’s Nest,” the 91,000-seat National Stadium and “Watercube,” the National Aquatics Center for the 2008 Games. These two structures, along with the National Indoor Stadium, form a triangle of architecture that represents the Beijing Olympics.

The Games are set to take place August 8-24, 2008.