Vet Talks About Having Arm Bitten Off by Crocodile

A Taiwanese veterinarian talked this week about the irony of having a crocodile that refused to eat for six months bite off his arm last April.

Thirty-eight-year-old veterinarian Chang Po-Yu was treating Chu-Chu for its hunger strike when the sedated crocodile awoke and seemingly regained its appetite, clamping onto Chang's arm, according to a report on

Still in the hospital and heavily bandaged, Chang was interviewed by The Daily Telegraph this week. Referring to the crocodile, he said, "He hadn't eaten for six months. I just wish he hadn't decided to end his fast by trying to eat me."

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The croc, a tenant at the Shou Shan Zoo in Kaohsinung, Taiwan, bit off Chang's arm from just below the elbow. Zookeepers shot the reptile twice and fought with it for another 40 minutes to keep it from eating Chang's arm, which was recovered and successfully reattached after a six-hour surgery.

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Chang said that surgeons told him he would regain the full use of his arm, though he probably won't "play piano again."