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The show airs tonight from Washington, D.C. Last night it was likewise in D.C. and we had guests in the studio for the show. I am not sure how much fun it was for them since I only had one guest (Ambassador Ginsberg) in the studio. This means the guests watched me talk to the camera (remote guests) for 99 percent of the show. The guests in our studio can't hear our the remote guests — they did not have earpieces — so it must seem like I was simply talking to myself. (I was not.) The guests were gracious and said it was fun. They did not ask to come back...

You have your homework cut out for you today in the blog — I have a bunch of questions for you (see below). I am curious what you think, so read on and e-mail me!

What do you think of the television use of the following words or phrases: "exclusive"; "gone missing" (whatever happened to simply disappeared? vanished); "take a listen" (why not just listen?)

Have you made up your mind who you are voting for president in November 2008? I realize that we have not even reached the point where there are nominees for the parties, but it seems many have already have decided. So I am curious, have you decided? If so, who are you going to vote for and why? If you have not decided, what are you waiting for to make your decision?

Last night on the show we played the public statements of Republican Senator David Vitter and his wife Wendy. As you may know, his phone number appeared on the phone log of the "D.C. madam" and it has caused a scandal. After playing the statements, we solicited your e-mails (posted beginning at E-mail No. 6 below.) I should have asked last night if your current thought about Senator Vitter was consistent with the one you had about President Clinton back in the '90s... if not, why not? I hope whatever your opinion is that it is not driven by your party affiliation. Taking sides — whatever the side may be — is not a particularly good way to look at things. Incidentally, in posting the e-mails below, I posted them as I read them... so if they appear to lean one way more than another, it is not by my selection but by audience submission and the luck of the draw how I happened to open them.

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

My husband and I usually change the channel when "On the Record" comes on FOX. We didn't change the channel tonight and were shocked and saddened at the ghoulish interview of Ty Warner regarding the murder of his band mate singer Robin Munis. His almost gleeful recollection of the physical state of her face after her shooting was disrespectful to her and her family. Greta Van Sustren's monotone, unemotional inquisitional response was just as infuriating. I cannot support the gruesome, grave digging mentality of this particular program. Please consider replacing her with a personality with a conscience.
Regretfully assaulted by reckless reporting,
Haley Balles
Three Springs, PA

E-mail No. 2

I applaud your ballistics expert John. He did not try to embellish anything. I like that. It adds credibility when he speaks, in my humble opinion. It really irritates the heck out of me when people say that Oswald was a Marine marksman. What they don't say when they say that is that marksman is the worst you can shoot and still qualify. Maximum possible score is 250. Anything less than 190 points is unqualified, 190 to 209 is marksman, 210 to 219 is sharpshooter and 220 and above is expert. I shot 209 in bootcamp in 71. I re-qualified in 72 and fired 231. After that, every time I re-qualified I shot 243 to 246. Shooting is easy.
When I was inn the Marine Corps we all shoot from 200 yds, 300 yds and 500 yds. (I have no idea what they are doing now.) To me 100 yds with a rifle is like point blank range with a pistol. I cannot comprehend anyone not being able to make a 100 yd shot. I don't think this guy having sniper training had anything to do with the shot. He could have done it without the training (like John was saying).
Joe Viera
Glendale, AZ

E-mail No. 3

I decided to test the vision possible with a scope at night. My suspicions are correct. A target that is dark is almost impossible to sight in on because the scope is dark. A target that is illuminated is very easy. Better even than daylight I think. This sniper rifle came from my daddy who got it from a German sniper who did not need it anymore and he brought it home. They allowed that back then. I think they had a limit of 3 they could bring back. He also brought a luger pistol back but sold it.
The point is that due to the height the bullet hit the glass and the target David Munis was probably using the cab of the pickup to brace for the shot and to get the height he needed to be above the club patrons. She was on the elevated stage above them anyway. He may have even driven up close to the door instead of making the shot from the parking lot.
Now, he is committed. He probably got evasion training with the Guard and he will use that for sure. He will probably park in a grove of dense foliage cedar trees and spotting him from the air will be difficult. My guess is he may be aware of a place that is unoccupied with a barn to park his vehicle in. It will take a search of vacant properties to find him. Only locals would know that. I doubt if he would risk much time on the highway. He probably is watching the coverage on TV right now. His hunting excursions would provide much knowledge of where he should go to have the best chance of laying low until things cool off. Then and only then would he attempt to leave the xountry and he would need another vehicle for that. There may be a jeep or other transportation where he is.
Domestic problems appear to be the only motive that has surfaced thus far. That is probably it. It would be much simpler if people would just get a divorce without all that but egos sometimes get involved in the process and tempers flare and things get blown all out of proportion. I am sure right now he blames everybody but himself for his situation.
He probably went through the same process military snipers do to desensitize a trainee to pulling the trigger. That would just add to his experience at hunting. Still, he is dangerous because up until now he had not crossed the righteous line. Now he has. Now he is dangerous. He is an animal on the run.
He will probably try to siphon gas for his vehicle so people should report any instances of gas siphoning. They should also be watching for signs of hunting and gunshots that are out of season and unusual.
Jim Vick
Preston, MS

E-mail No. 4

Every time I open your GretaWire lately, the first thing I have to see is Rosie with her jaw agape. Stop the insanity! I'm going to have to stop reading the Wire to really stop that madness!

ANSWER: I don’t know what you mean… I just double checked by logging on and I did not see a picture of Rosie?

E-mail No. 5

Good Morning!
Below is a press release that will explain who I am and what I’m up to. I realize that it’s a bit of an imposition, but might you consider throwing a couple lines, such as "Happy Birthday or Happy Sesquicentennial Appleton" on a mini-DV that we could include in the documentary?
All footage and "rights" are held by the Appleton Public Library. Michael Kenney’s contact info as well as mine are below.
Hope this finds you well and not too overworked! You seem to get moved around quite a bit!
Warmest regards,
Steve Wells
Artcraft Media
Appleton, WI

ANSWER: I responded to Steve Wells in a separate email saying I will be happy to do this if FOX gives me the OK, but I did admit that I am not sure I can pronounce “Sesquicentennial”… and then, since I responded to the e-mail, I thought I better look up the word since I did not know what it meant — now I do, it means: 150th anniversary.

Note: On the show last night we solicited e-mails about Republican United States Senator David Vitters. I posted them as I read them so I have no agenda in the content of the ones posted, here are the responses:

E-mail No. 6

This guy is sickening! Turn him off!
Point TX

E-mail No. 7

Vitter and his wife seem to be making the marriage work and that's enough for me.

E-mail No. 8

I thought the apology was honest and very well conveyed. I appreciated his wife's comments very much.
Ann D

E-mail No. 9

Sen.Vitter looked like a scolded schoolboy as his mother addressed the press at the podium. That was his mom, right?
Tom Mace

E-mail No. 10

Hi Greta,
I would love for Tonya, the body language lady, to do a read on Senator Vitter whilst his wife is speaking. He looks totally dis-interested and dis-connected to me in that tape. Too bad these guys can't keep their zippers up!
Southlake, TX

E-mail No. 11

Wendy Vitter said it well. It should be between her and her husband because it is in the PAST, and they have dealt with it. LEAVE THEM ALONE. Christ, as usual, said it best: Let he (or she) who is without sin cast the first stone.
Pat Bridgewater
Miami, OK

E-mail No. 12

I think Vitter is an embarrassment to Louisiana... He is only apologizing now because he got caught with his pants down!!
Les B

E-mail No. 13

By being a public figure, and such a hypocrite, I am happy to have Larry Flynt expose ANYONE who does wrong. Almost all these politicians speak out of at least two sides of their mouth, and we, the taxpayers, pay their salaries. EXPOSE THEM!
Thank you Larry Flynt!
Denny Reeves

E-mail No. 14

I think they are sincere and I think the story is over. They should be left alone. This was resolved by them a couple of years ago and now be resurfaced by the media because of the black book. This only hurts their family. Obviously Mrs. Vitter forgave him and that's that.
Joan Vaillancourt
Hastings on Hudson, NY

E-mail No. 15

I believe his apology was sincere. Obviously, and thankfully his wife was fully aware of his transgressions. I don't know from what was said if his children had been told or not before this all broke. I believe he is sincere in what he is saying because, as his wife said, "We dealt with this years ago." I pray for all of their sakes, they will be allowed to move on.
Susan Gau
Midland, TX

E-mail No. 16

Until last week I did not know of Senator Vitter. Until tonight I had never seen nor heard Mrs. Wendy Vitter.
I believe Mrs. Vitter to be the strongest person I have seen or heard in the political scene in several years. She is a stand up woman. I believe she should run for president. She seems to carry herself much better than any of the present contenders for nomination in either party.
Bill Koontz
Camden Point, MO

E-mail No. 17

Dear Ms. Van Susteren,
A question: Was the judge that allowed the publication of the telephone numbers of the D.C. madam a Democrat? Just wondering!
Yours truly,
Judith J. Miller

E-mail No. 18

His apology was an example of personal accountability and responsibility that is a rare thing in our society. Classy guy and respectable apology.
Portland, OR

E-mail No. 19

What David Vitter did was possibly illegal and definitely morally wrong — but it occurred years ago — he and his wife dealt with it years ago and, yet, everyone insists on dragging him (and the Republican Party by association) through the mud. He wasn't in the hallowed oval office with an intern, wasn't accused of sexual assault, and he sure didn't leave a young woman he was with to drown in a car. Leave the man - and especially his family — alone. The liberals don't care who they hurt and want to win at any cost! God help us if they succeed.
Dorothy Terry
St Augustine, FL

E-mail No. 20

All I have to say is Wah! Isn't it just too bad that they have made your personal and sex life public. The Republicans did not have a rough time making Clinton's life public and costing us millions of dollars to investigate the blue dress which none of us cared about. I don't have any pity for the Vitters, just a laugh at their righteous so-called Christian ways. Maybe they should brand a large A on his forehead the way the puritans used to, or was that only to happen with Clinton? Grow up, no one cares what you do in your bedroom, as long as you do not make an issue of what others do. We care about the country not your sex life. What goes around, comes around doesn't it. You wanted Clinton's life public, now you have yours public. We have a war in Iraq, no one cares what you are doing or who you are doing.
Deb Shanley

E-mail No. 21

It's no mystery to me that dirt turned up on Sen. Vitter. As a leader in the charge to kill the traitorous immigration legislation proposed by our lousy president, I'm not surprised at all. I have no doubt that George Bush and his henchmen are dancing with glee at the humiliation of Sen. Vitter. That being said, I was nearly brought to tears by the way that his wife stood up for him and their family. I hope that the liberal media will abide by her wishes. In the near future we will see if the media will destroy this imperfect human being. Though imperfect, he has performed well as a Senator and I will continue to support him.
Thank you,
Richard Merritt
Opelousas, LA

Finally, some articles that caught my attention:

• In boyfriend's hand, pizza becomes weapon

NEW PORT RICHEY — Angry with his girlfriend because she spent money, a man picked up a hot slice of pizza and hurled it at her, authorities said. The pizza hit her on the left cheek.

Click here to read the story

• Former Rep. Foley spends nearly half a million on legal fees
By BRIAN SKOLOFF, Associated Press Writer

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) — Former U.S. Rep. Mark Foley, who resigned from Congress amid an Internet teen sex scandal, has racked up nearly a half-million dollars in legal fees paid from his campaign account, according to recent filings.

Foley amassed $277,367 in legal fees from February to April, according to filings with the Federal Election Commission. That's on top of the $206,000 in legal fees from last November to January. All of the payments were made this year from cash remaining in his campaign account.

Foley's filing indicated that he still had about $1.4 million in campaign cash as of July 15.

The FEC has ruled that such expenditures for legal fees that arise from congressional duties are generally lawful, but Foley must still return money to donors who request refunds.

Foley's legal fees were paid to the Washington, D.C. law firm of Zuckerman Spaeder LLP. A spokeswoman for the firm declined comment Monday.

In a May letter to the FEC, Foley wrote that his legal fees are being spent "in responding to an investigation that was initiated by then, Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert."

Following Hastert's call for a House ethics investigation, the FBI and Florida law enforcement said they, too, would begin their own reviews to determine if criminal charges should be filed.

The ethics committee eventually lambasted House Republicans, and Hastert, for turning a blind eye to Foley's behavior, even though they were aware of problems months before.

State and federal authorities continue to investigate whether Foley broke any laws.

"It is still active, but I think we're coming to a close in hopefully the weeks to come," said Kristen Perezluha, a spokeswoman for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Foley resigned from Congress in September after being confronted with sexually explicit Internet communications to male pages who had worked on Capitol Hill. Soon after, he checked himself into an Arizona facility for what his attorneys said was for treatment of "alcoholism and other behavioral problems."

His attorneys at the time also announced the Florida Republican was gay and an alcoholic and alleged that he had been molested by a priest as a teenage altar boy. They maintain Foley never had inappropriate sexual contact with minors.

Foley returned from rehab to attend a November wake for his father, Edward, who died of cancer. Since then, Foley's whereabouts have not been confirmed, and he has rarely been seen in public.
(Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

• Waterville woman pleads guilty in backward bandit robberies

BURLINGTON, Vt. (AP) — A Waterville woman has admitted to participating in a string of armed convenience stores robberies committed by a suspect wearing a sweat shirt backward with eyes cut in the hood.

Ashley Penniman, 23, changed her pleaded guilty Monday to one court of robbing the Jerusalem Country Store in Starksboro on February 3.

Three other suspects also have been charged in the five robberies.

Matthew Maskell, Penniman's brother-in-law, was indicted in April on federal charges he robbed four Chittenden County convenience stores in January while wearing a sweat shirt backward.

A fourth suspect, Christopher Adams of Burlington, was previously charged with aiding and abetting robberies in Colchester and Jericho believed to have been committed by Maskell, officials said.

Gerald LaFlam, 20, of Hinesburg, has pleaded guilty to charges stemming from the fifth robbery at the Starksboro store.
(Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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