Major Historical Figures Removed From U.K. School Curriculum

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Forecast a Better Future, but Forget the Past…

Famous for his two-finger salute, former Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill now seems to be getting the one-finger salute from the United Kingdom’s secondary school education advisors. According to Britain’s The Sun, a collection of central historical figures including Churchill, Hitler, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King Jr. have been removed from the national curriculum! This proposal seeks to do away with all things traditional in an effort to modernize what advisors believe is an increasingly irrelevant curriculum. “It’s total madness,” declared Churchill’s grandson Tory MP Nicholas Soames.

Surely of Foot!

A sixteen-year-old girl from Opotiki found herself, or rather her face, crushed beneath her horse’s hoof, after she was thrown from the horse during a hunt at the Waikura Station this weekend. The New Zealand Herald reported that the girl had sustained serious facial injuries from the incident. The girl is said to be in “an uncomfortable but stable” condition.

Cloudy with a chance of Ready Money?

It is not everyday that one hits the radio jackpot. Fox 4 News Kansas City reported that when Joe Howard purchased a $3 weather radio from a recent garage sale he got a whole lot more than just a weather report. Stashed inside the radio was a wad of cash, antique coins, and a wedding ring! Although he was astonished to uncover the precious stowaways, Howard decided to return the treasure trove to its rightful owner.

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