Hmong Community Shocked by Disappearance of Wisconsin Student

The disappearance of a University of Wisconsin-Green Bay student has been a shock for the area's Hmong community, a friend said Tuesday.

Mahalia Xiong, 21, has been missing since early Friday after going to a bowling alley with friends. She was last seen driving away about 2:30 a.m.

Xiong is a happy, outgoing person, and it's a big blow to the community to have someone who is attending college and making something of her life suddenly vanish, said friend Kang Vang.

Friends and relatives plastered hundreds of pictures of Xiong in the Green Bay area in hope of finding her. She's active in the Southeast Asian Club at the campus.

Xiong was driving a rental car, a 1996 Mercury Sable, while her car was being repaired, Melissa Sinitsky, her older sister, said. Xiong was supposed to pick her car before noon on Friday in Sheboygan but never showed up.