Common Denominators

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A mix of terror, killings and Elvis on Tuesday's show!

First we learned that not only do Gretchen and Alisyn share the same birthday, but also the same top. Since they continue to share the same hair color, I found it all pleasantly distracting.

Mixing with the fun, the all too familiar news of a missing women and deep suspicions about the husband. You may have known for weeks about the disturbing Lisa Stebic case, but now we are learning more and more about the horrific execution of Robin Munis, who was gunned down on stage this past weekend and the hunt is on for her sniper husband. During our show they found his car — it is my hope by the time you read this they have found him. Gretchen and Alyson both pointed out how in each case the women talked to others about the threat their husband presented and still they seemed to have been dealt an ugly fate.

On a lighter note we did have fun with the worlds all time best female golfer Annika Sorenstam on the veranda. Hope you are enjoying our trip down memory lane in Studio A, but coming in a couple of weeks a trip to Studio E, which is just being built as we speak or should I say as you read.

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