Teens Shown in Young Girl 'Ecstasy' Video Did Not Give Girl Drugs, One Says

One of the teenage girls in a video featuring a young girl acting strange — leading some to say she was given the drug ecstasy — said Tuesday that the girls did not give the youngster any drugs.

Texas authorities located all of the the teens from the video Tuesday, according to MyFoxHouston.com. Harris County Lt. John Martin said investigators are currently questioning the teens — all from the Houston area — about what happened that day.

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The video, which was posted under a heading "Mother Gives Ecstasy to Child," shows the young girl rolling her eyes into the back of her head as she rides in the backseat of a van filled with teen girls. One girl waves an iPod in front of her face and pinches her cheeks.

Now, one of the teens told investigators they were driving back from South Padre Island and shot the video because they were bored. The teen said the little girl is impressionable and that does whatever she is asked to do. She insisted that none of the teens in the van gave the child ecstacy or any other drugs.

Now that the teens have been located, officials with Child Protective Services will now investigate the child's welfare.

The video broke earlier Tuesday and drew guesses from officials about if the girl was on drugs.

"From her actions, from her physical look, it's possible that she was given, and in fact it's even mentioned on the video, that she was given a hit of ecstasy," Jackson County Sheriff Andy Louderback told FOX News on Tuesday.

The teens in the video allude to drug use. "Look at her, she rollin' hard," one of the girls said.

"Stop rollin’ girl," one said to the child. "You shouldn’t have popped a full x."

A pamphlet in a pocket of the vehicle's front seat led Texas officials to believe that the video was shot in the Houston area. The van is also tuned to KHCB-FM, a Christian radio station in Houston.

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