Wildlife Help Police Discover Major Marijuana Plantation

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Most women welcome a showering of gifts from suitors. Well, that is as long as the money used to purchase presents isn’t coming out of their bank accounts! A woman in Shanghai was surprised to discover that her boyfriend paid for the various extravagant gifts he gave her — like a 24K gold ring and luxurious clothes — not with his money, but with hers! Twenty-four-year-old Zhang Guyuan was arrested for theft after he admitted embezzling about $6,500 from his then-girlfriend’s bank account. In his own words, Guyuan was able to retrieve her money when “She revealed the password of her bank card inadvertently, and I took away the card secretly.”

My dog wore my electronic ankle monitor? An Israeli criminal,Nabil Farumi, was able to leave his house without detection when he somehow removed his ankle monitor and placed it on his dog. Police arrived at Farumi’s home to take him to a sentencing hearing related to his attempted murder conviction, but he wasn’t there. The officers realized they were tricked when they found his dog walking around the house wearing the convict’s ankle monitor.

Who knew deer would make excellent narcotics officers? According to United Press International, “unusually frisky” deer clued Italian police into the presence of a major marijuana plantation located on a Trento mountaintop. The typically reserved animals sparked the curiosity of the town’s population, and it wasn’t long before authorities discovered the dope. Strange story, considering we’ve always been told that dope makes you lazy!

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