The U.K. Redefines the Meaning of 'Prostitute'

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Political correctness makes its way to the U.K., where a new bill penned by the justice ministry would replace the word “prostitute” with the phrase “persons who sell sex persistently” in criminal statutes. The bill essentially decriminalizes those who do not sell sex “persistently;” “persistently” has been defined as “more than three months.” A spokeswoman for the ministry says of the switch, “We just wanted to remove the stigma of the label ‘common prostitute’…[It] just wasn’t really helpful to label people.”

Would you mistake a peacock for a vampire? People at a Staten Island Burger King were witness to a shocking scene when a crazed man beat a peacock that wandered into the fast-food chain’s parking lot. Sadly, the bird had to be euthanized due to the severe beating it endured. The attacker explained his vicious actions to onlookers, saying, “I’m killing a vampire!”

A lot of weddings are in the works for 7/7/07 — the luckiest day ever, according to brides and grooms-to-be! If’s registry is accurate, the 7th is also going to be a busy one. More than 38,000 couples in the site’s database have set their wedding date for July 7, 2007. Deepak Baskaran is set to marry on the 7th, and he says of his and his fiancé’s decision to wed on the date, “It’s a little extra luck for a happy, long marriage. Any little bit helps.”

Looking for an over-the-top gift? Well, why not give your loved one a piece of California! That’s right — the town of Bridgeville, California is on sale…again. The town is up for grabs because its latest owner committed suicide. It was the first town ever to go on sale on the popular auction site, Ebay, in 2002, but the buyer at the time backed out. Orange Country banker Bruce Krall eventually purchased Bridgeville, but put it up for sale on Ebay — its second go-round on the site — just last year. Los Angeles entertainment manager and college student, Daniel La Paille, bought the picturesque but run-down town for $1.25 million. La Paille hired crews to repair several of the city’s homes, but efforts were halted when he committed suicide.

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