Detached Retina Forces Jim Gilmore Off Campaign Trail

Longshot Republican presidential candidate Jim Gilmore underwent emergency surgery for a detached retina late last week, forcing him to cancel at least a week's worth of campaign appearances.

The former Virginia governor was rushed into surgery at a Richmond clinic Friday after complaining of vision problems in his right eye.

Gilmore, who entered the race claiming there was no true conservative in the GOP field, has been ordered by doctors to avoid travel for an indefinite period of time. He said he will resume his campaign based on his doctor's advice and how he feels.

Gilmore said his vision problems began last Tuesday and could have worsened to the point of losing his eye sight.

Gilmore has generated only about $200,000 for the first three months of the year, the lowest total of any Republican in the field.

The candidate was Virginia's governor from 1998 to 2002. He served in 2001 as chairman of the Republican National Committee.