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We are unexpectedly "on the road" today, headed to Canton, Ohio, on the story involving the missing pregnant woman. We have some interviews lined up and it is better to do them in person than via satellite. Plus, it always helps to get on the ground and look around with our own eyes. I get a better feel for the story when I can see things myself.

I have no idea where we are doing the show tonight. It could be in Ohio or maybe we will make it back to Washington, D.C. One of our problems is that we know there is an 80 percent chance of thunderstorms, so it may not make much sense to try and do the show outside in Ohio. I know that we have a "road trip" planned for Wednesday, which of course is complicating matters. Yes, it's never dull, but as you know, this is a great job.

And because I have to hit the road soon, this blog is really short today. You, the viewers/e-mailers are doing the heavy lifting — see below for your e-mails. I promise to get some pictures in Ohio and post them on Wednesday.

Here are two questions for you to e-mail me answers to: 1) Have you learned anything watching the Duke lacrosse players case this past 15 months? 2) Have you learned anything watching the Anna Nicole Smith coverage?

Now for some of your e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

Hi Greta,
Just reading a few of the viewer's comments and thought I'd point this out. Nifong has sent in his resignation to our Gov. Easley as of this morning. It was read on our local Noon News. I do agree with everything you said as I said practically the same thing to someone myself. I never bought Nifong's statements of this event to start with. Call it woman's intuition or whatever, but I just didn't believe him. As for his stage performance in court Friday and Saturday, I do think he'd be good in a Broadway or off Broadway mystery play. He would be the villain of course. He has the eyes for that. But he's certainly no Sherlock.
Sankie Stallings

E-mail No. 2

Hi Greta!
I must admit that my eyes got a little teary when Bernie and Jim had their little "debate." They are both wonderful men and I am sure very good at their jobs. If only all D.A.s had the ethics of Jim Hammer, the world would be a much nicer place. I love Bernie too, it just makes me sad that he has seen others like Nifong and has become a little jaded. I know you are all friends and this was just a difference of professional opinion.
Secondly, I was wondering how regular people (like me) get e-mails to sort-of celebrities (Larry Birkhead, the three INNOCENT Duke University students, etc.) Sometimes I would just like to give nice people a pat on the back, but have no idea how to. It would be great if you could post forwarding info on the Web site.
Still loving the show, and my legal panel
Julie Ward
Uxbridge (northeast of Toronto) Ontario, Canada

ANSWER: The legal panel is fun — they can take a punch or two. As for getting the e-mails to the celebrities, I don't even have their email addresses! (Well, I have some, just not many…)

E-mail No. 3

I just wanted to say that Ted and Bernie are great and it is great to see them havin' fun once in awhile, Bernie has always been my favorite to watch on the show and here's the point of the e-mail: You and Bernie have great chemistry. I am not sure of your personal situations, but you two would make a Great Duo at "On the Record" because you work so well together and just seem to fit.
Jim T.
Medford, OR

ANSWER: I have known Bernie since 1979. We both started practicing law — representing poor people charged with crimes — at the same time. I also know Bernie's wife, who is delightful!

E-mail No. 4

Nifong in the very beginning of that saying, "What's done in the dark will come to the light." Thankful it didn't take the years and years it sometimes takes to exonerate these three innocent young men. Luckily, they had publicity on there side. I know they had good lawyers also, but, had this never made the front page they could have well been railroaded into a plea deal and done time. Money doesn't always buy fairness, I've seen that all too often. It shows though, that when the chips are down you should hold your head high and keep faith, truth can overcome mountains man by man.
Your last few lines were spot on. Many a young person has taken up the law with a case just such as this being their motivation.
Look, don't sweat what all these people are saying about your interview with the overweight young lady. She wasn't offended and that's who matters. I'm overweight by a good bit, but nothing challenged me to start to get back in shape like my daughter telling me I was fat and gonna die before I had the chance to walk her down the aisle. Was she rude? Yep. Did it hurt? Yep. Was she right? Yes she was. The truth hurts, sometimes.
Reckon that's why Mike Nifong was crying? The truth hurting... oh well, we do make our own bed, don't we?
Frank Shelton

E-mail No. 5

Thanx for the great blog about Nifong and justice — very well stated. I still feel that the LA Judge should have the discretion to look at PH's actions including the original very serious offense of drunk driving, numerous violations of her probation including 2 or 3 cases of driving while suspended, failing to attend the diversion and then arriving late for court by 18 minutes. This woman has shown a total disregard for the law and I think that the Judge should have the power to influence a change in her skofflaw attitude. I don't feel sorry for her at all. When she knew she was going to jail it was up to her to bring any legal prescriptions with her. A friend of mine who is a journalist had checked the paparazzi Web pages during her DL suspension and found that 'tho she only got caught a couple of times she had been driving continuously during her suspension including to and from clubs. In Arizona, many DUI fatal accidents involve drivers with multiple convictions for DUI and the majority are driving while suspended or revoked. PH needed strong diversion before she killed someone. An increasing problem in Arizona is vehicle accidents involving illegal migrants with no license or insurance. We have an epidemic of this. I have a neighbor who has been hit twice the last 2 years with injuries and totaled vehicles. Both times it was a Mexican migrant here illegally and with no DL or insurance!! With the future of Social Security solvency in question and a bleak future for gas supplies it would seem prudent to severely limit immigration temporarily. I also find it dishonest that all of our polititians quote the unemployment rate at 5%. That figure is based on how many receive unemployment checks. The real figure has long been near 20% and most working Americans know it. We must get integrity and credibility back in our government. I see little in either party and it's been that way for a long time to my sorrow.
Payson, AZ

E-mail No. 6

Hi Greta!
It's been awhile since you've heard from me, but last week, Barbara Walters talked at length about the missing girl in Fort Lauderdale and how NOT ONE major news show had reported on her. I had to send her an e-mail correcting her statement by informing her that YOU and FOX News had been covering the story since her disappearance, and that you continue to follow up on the investigation! Of course, coming from ABC, I'm not surprised they were unaware of your excellent coverage — I don't think anyone over there bothers with FOX — the best news channel on the air and always 'fair and balanced.' It's the only news channel on in our home, although I do admit to an occasional look-see at Tucker Carlson — he's about the only fair and balanced reporter outside of FOX — and I must admit, he always makes me chuckle!
Keep up the good work, Greta. Between you, Sean and Alan and dearest Bill O'Reilly, you've got the news covered. (I just can't leave out Shepard Smith, Cavuto and John Gibson — kudos to them, too!)
Joy Henderson

E-mail No. 7

Dear Greta,
After viewing the Nifong case very closely... why are more people not held accountable? Complaint filed with no investigation by law enforcement! My understanding is a complaint is filed with a local law enforcement agency... case investigated by officers or detectives then info is gathered and shared with district attorney... based on the investigation determines whether enough evidence is present for charges to be brought. Why was this case handled different? Was it simply because it was brought before a grand jury or why was this procedure not followed and why no one has questioned why? Being a resident of North Carolina, I feel our state and the judicial system has been damaged by an act of one man but more should be held accountable for their actions beginning with the accuser whether they be white or black. If the accuser is that mentally deranged or just evil-minded trying to make a fast buck, that person should also have to explain her actions and take responsibility for her actions. After all is said and done, the accuser is the first person who started this entire mess.
Thank you so much for your fair and balanced reporting on all issues. Your viewers respect and trust go farther than you will ever know keep up the good work.
Our prayers are always with our FOX News family.
Karen Allen

ANSWER: Karen, I sure would like to hear from the assistant DAs in Mike Nifong's office. What did they know and when? They are, as lawyers, officers of the courts and have a duty to step up to the plate if they know of an injustice.

E-mail No. 8

Dear Greta,
We just love your video blogs! Especially loved your version of "So You Think You Can Dance." Ted and Bernie are quite the ballerinas!?! It's such fun to see behind the scenes and the story behind the story. Appreciate all of the effort that you put in to all that you do for us!
Bradenton, FL

E-mail No. 9

Greta, you make me smile and you make me think and you educate me. Thanks for the smile today (the dance)!
Joy Edwards
Bartlett, TN

ANSWER: Ted and Bernie get credit for the dancing. They are the dancers in the video. I am a mere spectator!

E-mail No. 10

I hope the entire Hilton family become involved with change at this jail for women that can not pay for the service's of a lawyer, especially women that need medical care immediately.

E-mail No. 11

I'm watching your show right now and was disturbed to hear the 9/11 call between Jessie Marie Davis' mother and the 9/11 operator. Greta, I was devastated to hear the pain in the mother's voice yet the 9/11 operator didn't appear to be overly sympathetic towards the obviously distressed mother.
In my opinion these operator's should be trained in a manner that would at least make the caller feel someone gives a damn. The 9/11 operator at times appeared to not even be paying attention to what the mother was saying.
I felt frustrated just listening to the call.
I truly hope the young woman is found.
Best regards,
Lisa Hooper

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