Friday Finals: Week's Winners and Losers

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At the end of the week it's the "Big Story" Friday Finals, our best guess as to the winners and losers this week, and why. First the winners.

The biggest has to be Fred Thompson. Last week an actor, this week a surging presidential candidate. He hasn't won it all — not by a long shot — but he certainly had a winning week.

Miss USA Rachel Smith, who fell on her rear end during the gown portion of the Miss Universe competition, is a winner. She kept her cool and endured the boos of a bunch of ingrate Mexicans. Do they know where those dollars come from that keep their country afloat?

Jamison Stone was a big winner when he brought down that big boss hog. Some people insist the picture is a fake. I think they're jealous. Who wouldn't like to bag a pig as big as a Volkswagen?

Reade Seligmann, stone winner. He told Duke to stick it. He's off to Brown University where he will star on the lacrosse team.

And now for the weeks' big losers.

Lindsay Lohan. Her party mommy Dina definitely doesn't know what's best for her sweetheart. She hangs around because she doesn't get into the hot parties without baby daughter, and now the younger Lohan is paying the price of mommy's indulgence.

TB Andy is obviously another big loser. Andrew Speaker was a bright young lawyer. Then he thought, what the hell, I'll just jump on a series of planes despite this bothersome TB I caught. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Another big loser is Cindy Sheehan. She gave her life to the anti-war Democrats and the whole giddy experience has turned to ashes. The Dems didn't listen to her and voted to fund the war anyway. So now she's retired from the anti-war movement.

Paris Hilton is also going to be one of the big losers next week. By next Friday she will be in her fourth day of incarceration with 19 days more to go. She's going to write a diary while in jail and make a big book deal. No doubt a ghostwriter will be hired to make sure there is something to read before the diary is published.

Those are your big winners and losers for the week.

That's My Word.

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